My family owns a small farm in Williston, Florida.One day I noticed that one of my goats was hard on one side which is a typical sign of bloat.

So I bundled him up into the car and took him to the vet. Once I got there I was led in to the back room. I was told that my regular vet was out on a farm call so I was seen by a new vet (A women that I had never met before.) When I told her my suspicions of bloat she told me he was just fat. I asked her to puncture his rumen (the best treatment for bloat) and was refused as it was "unnecessary".

Then she went on to mess with his genitals and insist that he had a blockage in his *** and that it needed to be treated right away (by cutting of the tip of his ***). I asked how much it would cost and was told that it would be over $500. Well as i'm only 16 and my parents were out of town I told her that I couldn't possible afford that. She then rudely said to me "Fine but you're just going to wake up to him dead in the morning." and then walked out.

Then as I go out to pay for the visit i'm told that I have to pay $100. So basically I was charged $100 for the vet to tell me that my baby was "just fat". After I paid I took him home and got him comfortable in my laundry room and sat with him. He died in my lap.

To make matters worse when I took him to a separate vet to get a necropsy done I was told that he had bloat and that if the vet had punctured his rumen like I asked her to do he would be alive today. I had figured that a country vet clinic that claims to treat everything from dogs and cats to cows and horses would know about one of the biggest health problems with goats but I guess not.

And even worse they are the only vet clinic in town so I pretty much have to go to them unless I want to drive for an hour.After this I will make sure that only the head vet sees my babies.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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